Friday, October 22, 2010

Houston Teen Photographer

I love my job, if you can call it that, can it be called a job if you LOVE IT? 

I just love this kid  teenager young woman, her mom just gets me and my style and just says do your thing...and I LOVE THAT!! ...and she knows one of my things obsessions is hats, most of you know that I am the hat queen, I love hats, I try to photograph every kids in a hat, there is just something magical that happens when you put a hat on a kid...and I adore that...and mom knows how much I love them, so much so, that she brought me 2 hats, just for me..I was so excited...

I was excited for this session because I knew  it was going extra special, mom brought along Grandma  & Grandpa and Mo's little cousin Carson....we photographed the family together and then I was able to go play with the kids and knowing Morgan I knew this was going to be a piece of cake, she has that "it" factor, the kind of  "it" that we will see in a high fashion magazine or walking down the runway, she tall, gorgeous and the camera loves her...and then it was Carson's turn and OMG he has "it" can one family have so much of it? 

Thanks again for allowing me to capture your sweet family I had an amazing K


Becca said...

LOVE your work Kimberley! I'm also a photog, and just got a call from one of your former clients that has moved away and misses you tons and looking for a photographer here in Charlotte. I figured I'd check you out and... WOW! Beautiful stuff!!! I can definitely see why she misses you so much :)

Jana Kunz said...

I LOVE these images. Wow, stunning!!