Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just one last session to share.....say a prayer.

This sweet mom called me way back in October to schedule a session, I could tell right away this wasn't going to be a normal session. We talked for a little bit about what she was looking for, about how she had a 4 month old and wanted to casual, informal family shoots. I asked when she would like to schedule the session, Im not sure, it depends on my husbands schedule, I really don't know when he will be home, he is in Iraq fighting in the war......I literally fought back tears I could hear her love and concern, for him in her voice. We set an tentative date for Thanksgiving weekend, I was crushed when she called and said he couldn't make it home and asked for a particular weekend and it was the only weekend I was not going to be in town, we found a time the day before he left to go back to Iraq. He was only in town for a couple of days, so them taking time out of their day to have me shoot their portraits was precious to me. When he stepped out of the car, my heart went straight into my throat, he looked so handsome in his uniform and he walked around the other side of the car and picked up this tiny little guy out of the car, it was all I could to hold back the tears I had. This was such a special time and I am blessed to be a tiny part of it.

So this Christmas after you open up your gifts, eat a warm Holiday meal and sit around the fireplace an enjoy your family, take time to say a prayer for all the families who are without their loved ones this Christmas, say a prayer for our soliders who are out there fighting everyday so we may enjoy another Christmas in this beautiful country.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for your time, Kim.

I really appreciate your kind words. It makes being half a world away from my wife and Garrett not so bad. The photo is now my wallpaper.

The reason we are here doing what we do is for people like you. Thanks for caring.

CPT Greg Schaefer
US Army