Tuesday, July 31, 2007

to be an American....

I had, I think what was the most important session I have ever done. I took some portraits of a solider just coming home from Iraq. This Marine, got out of the car and it was all I could do hold back the tears. He looked so hansom in his uniform and the pride he had for this beautiful country just radiated. As we walked to the location, I noticed all eyes were on us, I felt the admiration from everyone as we walked slowly to our destination. As we were talking and chatting about this and that, I noticed a little boy around 4 was just looking at "S" with so much curiosity, they made eye contact the little guy came up to him and asked him if he could shake his hand and then gave him a hug and told him thank you. It was all I could not to loose my composure. As we finished up and headed to the car, another child, was standing at attention at the end of the sidewalk and saluted the solider as he walked past, he stopped and shook the little girls hand, he was so gracious and humble, it was the most moving thing I have ever experienced. Take some time today to thank a solider and say a prayer for those who are fighting for us.

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