Monday, January 24, 2011

Cypress Photographer: 4th Annual Favorite Image Blog Contest

2010 Favorite Image Blog Contest

Every January I go through all my session and pick out my very favorite images, its hard because there are images from every session that I simply adore...ones that make me giggle, ones that make me sigh, ones that bring tears to my eyes and ones that touch my heart...and every year the images are so different, some years I gravitate towards babies some years older kids but for some reason this year most of my favs were images of families and relationships, so as I started to pick my favs it turned into all families and without further ado here are my top pics from 2010 that touched my heart.

Please vote for your favorite image in the poll above, one vote per person please, no cheating :)

The Image with the most vote will win a DVD slideshow of all there images set to music in a beautifully designed Custom Keepsake case. 

 Voting starts now and will end at midnight on January 31st.

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