Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cypress Childrens Photographer

Okay, its May and its officially Summer, we decided today during our session, only walking from the car to inside the park and we were already sweaty and beat red...Its Summer People! These boys were such troopers, they did such a fabulous job and they were just the two sweetest little brothers I think I have ever photographed, all they wanted to do was kiss...and me and Mr. Spiderman-Batman- SQUIRREL, had such a fun time, I think we could have played for a lot longer...he swore up and down that ALL the squirrels were girls and they were all having a girl party....TOTALLY, they were! He saw I think 19 at HIS latest count, all girls :)


colettedschneider said...

Love the pictures!!! Love my BabyDolls! Love, Nana

rickschneider said...

What creative photography. Even better, what beautiful little boys. They sure steal Nana and Papa's hearts every time we see them.

Jana Kunz said...

Beautiful little boys. Love these!!

Carley Mac said...

gorgeous work! i love love love that first one