Tuesday, March 24, 2009

back from vacation....

Well I am officially back from vacation, while it is so good to be home I sure do miss being spoiled while away...We had a fantastic time in Disney world...everyone there couldn't be nicer, the people, the families, all the many people that worked was incredible...there were more times than I could count where I heard someone say; Oh no I left such and such in the restroom and low and behold someone was right behind them asking if they had left lady left her I-Phone in a restroom and was telling me about it as we floated down the lazy river and one of the life guards over heard her and said oh your phone was turned in at the front desk..she was so happy as she had just gotten it the week before...everything about Disney was incredible...I haven't eaten so well in my whole life, it was fab I could go on and on....
Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes while I was away....:)
I will be posting some sneak peeks this evening from today's sessions.

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