Saturday, February 14, 2009

{ a personal shoot...}

some days we go out and shoot just for fun, we drag our children and it usually involves some kind of bribe to scout out new locations and just try out some new things...well this was one of those best photog buddy and I { bribed) took our kids out for a couple of hours of shooting...we found some great new locations and had a really fun time...and not one time was there a single ounce of complaining.....YEAH RIGHT!!....luckily for Maddie and Austin it started to rain and we sadly had to call it a day.....Here's a sneak peek of what we were up to....I'm trying out some funky new processing which I'm really starting to dig....a little more modern, a little more edgy....a little more COOL!


TracyTPhotography said...

Wow. beautiful kids, beautiful locations, beautiful lighting, beautiful clarity & color. gorgeous work!

Carley Mac said...

beautiful in every way :)

dsr said...

These are lovely! I think the rain actually added some pretty cool moodiness!