Monday, December 29, 2008

{ a collective.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh }

The rush is over....the rush for the perfect present, the rush for the perfect dinner and the rush to see all the family... I woke up (late) this morning and sat in bed and thought okay what do I have to do mind went blank..nothing, absolutely shopping, no wrapping, no cooking, no traveling....ahhhhhhhh, I layed back down grabbed a book, a real book and read...
I hope everyone has there ahhhhhhh moment today......
A few little updates...I will be posting on the blog off and on. I will also very soon be doing the 2nd Annual Favorites of the year. This year I will be doing it a little bit different, I will be posting 6 of my favs and then the top 6 client favs. The client favorites will be submitted to me, the top 6 will be added to the contest, the favs must have been posted on the Blog during 2008. You may submit your favorites to me starting now, I will be taking submissions until January 5th I will then post all 12 favs and then the voting will commence. This year the winner will receive a complimentary 16x20 print of the portrait. The 2nd place winner will receive a 8x10 of the portrait and the 3rd place winner a 5x7. Last years contest was close, so start sending in your submissions and get your family and friends to vote as soon as the contest begins. Contest rules will be posted as soon as the contest goes live.

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