Tuesday, April 8, 2008


When mom called to say today that they were almost at the park, my caller ID showed Oklahoma....OKLAHOMA wahooo....I knew it was going to be a great session. Mom and I talked and we graduated high school close to the same area, so I knew it was going to be a great session, then I saw these 2 stinkin' cute girls pop out of their car and then my heart did that silly little dance....we had so much fun.....and... boys do have stinky feet little miss "D"...hehe



The Bevenues said...

Yea!! Love the photos! Can't wait to see the rest. The girls sure had a great time being super models. You were so amazing with them, Kim. From one Okie to another... Yee haw!!

Thanks a million!
:) Donna

a2zmommy said...

Oh my gosh! I too, can't wait to see the rest. That first pic of Hayden just IS Hayden to me. Love them!!! Andrea

Pattie M said...

Gorgeous photos!

Pamela V. said...

These are really fantastic photos! I love the "sassy" pictures of Hayden. I also really like all the photos of the girls together. Beautiful!