Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yes, I was one of those people!

Yep, I was there, waiting, like the other 600 children, who were wanting their own copy of the Harry Potter Book. As I stood in line at the stroke of Midnight I looked around me and realized, that I was not alone, I was not the only adult lured into the craze, the anticipation of getting my very own copy of the book and dragging my kids out at the ridiculous hour as a cover. I had waited in line, for three hours, while other adults hid there excitement until that very stroke of midnight, when the most commotion came from the adults running around like kids in a toy store, who had just got a cabbage patch doll or the brand new transformer toy...holding there book high in utter triumph...and like me running home, very excited to have the book in their hands at last, and cant wait to open it and read it all night long and then went home and went straight to bed, because as adults. were up way past our bedtimes...

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